In the iron and metal industry, machining is the term for methods, during which a tool machine is applied to remove material from a raw material with a cutting tool in order to manufacture a item in the desired outline. Traditionally, machining covers spun and/or rolled items. Until recently, machined items often required various machining in different machines, e.g. firstly, spun, then rolled and possibly yet another machining process as boring or threading. In recent years there has been a rapid development of both CNC machines and robots, therefore, a item today (regardless of outline) can often be worked and machined from raw material to completed piece in a singular machine, a fixer.

KK Metal offers all types of machining; from the crafted manufacturing of e.g. fixtures to our welding robot and prototypes for our customers, to the machining of smaller batches in CNC machines, as well as the machining of complicated items in our new advanced multi machines.